Episodes | Title Runtime Air Date
111 Vacqueros 25:33 10/02/1961

While on a trip to Mexico, Lucas and Mark are attacked by a group of banditos who steal their horses, take Mark as a prisoner, and leave Lucas to die.

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117 Knight Errant 25:32 11/13/1961

An eccentric friend of Lucas gets caught up in a mess after accusing a man of cheating in a game of chess long ago.

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119 The Long Goodbye 25:34 11/27/1961

As head of the town council, Lucas is asked to remove a young boy from the custody of an older man whom many people believe to be incapable of raising the boy.

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122 The High Country 25:36 12/18/1961

While protecting his ranch from thieves, Lucas is accidentally responsible for the death of a young mountain boy.

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130 The Man From Salinas 25:32 02/12/1962

A young man comes to town to collect the body of his dead brother, but Lucas soon discovers that the man is actually a bounty hunter planning on collecting a reward for the body.

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131 Two Ounces of Tin 25:38 02/19/1962

A young gunman with the reputation of being a killer threatens to kill Marshal Torrance unless he dishonors his badge by throwing it on the ground.

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132 Deadly Image 25:38 02/26/1962

Lucas is accused of a cold-blooded murder by a man who looks identical to Lucas, with the accuser claiming to have an eye witness.

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140 Millie's Brother 25:36 04/23/1962

Millie becomes interested in a man who claims to have known her brother during the Civil War, but Lucas doesn't believe his story.

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